Collection of books/ papers about Knowledge Management (KM) & Knowledge Management System (KMS)


Title of book
Knowledge-Intensive Organizations

Case Studies in KM

International Conference on Information, Process, and Knowledge Management

Enteprise Information Portal and KM

KM for SMEs

Japan moving toward a more advanced knowledge-economy vol. 2

Key Issue In The New KM

KM in Intelligent Enteprise

Knowledge Management And Management Learning - Extending The Horizons Of Knowledge-Based Management

Knowledge Management Toolkit

Leveraging Communities of Practice for Strategic Advantage

Managing Industrial Knowledge

Mobilizing Minds

Applying KM techniques for building corporate memories

The Open Enterprise

Real world Time Management

Teaching In The Knowledge Society

The Gioi Phang

The KM Implementation Report

Knowledge Leadership: The Art and Science of the Knowledge-Based Organization


Title of paper
How to build a knowledge-based organization

KM approach for structural capital

Assessing Knowledge Management System User Acceptance with the Technology Acceptance Model

An Enterprise Model Repository: Architecture and System

The knowing organization

Tri thuc va Quan ly tri thuc

Center for Innovation and Knowledge Management

Doi dieu ve QLTT doi voi DN Viet Nam

Combination of 2 KM Strategies By Web 2.0

Measuring the ICT maturity of SMEs

KM approach for improving labor productivity of Vietnamese enterprise